Custom Order Confections

We can create any custom dessert order you prefer, just fill out the form at the bottom of the page, paste a link to your design, or attach a photo, and we will get back to you with a quote.


-Orders of 12 or more. Base price includes any one color icing, with glitter, sprinkles, or confetti. Custom designs/additional decorations are individually priced.-

Regular size: $2.25 each, for a dozen or more of the same flavor, or$2.95 each for a variety of flavors. Fillings are 35 cents extra.

Mini cupcakes $1.35 each, must order a dozen or more of each flavor.

Jumbo cupcakes are $3.95 each, can be ordered as singles, (chocolate or vanilla only)

FLAVORS AVAILABLE: french vanilla - chocolate - red velvet - lemon - butter yellow - confetti - caramel - strawberry - spice - banana chocolate chip - amaretto

*premium batters: - carrot - pineapple


-Orders of 12 or more. Base price includes any one flavor cake inside, any color chocolate coating, with glitter, sprinkles, or stripes.

Custom designs/additional decorations are individually priced.-

Bon bons are $1.55 each, cake pops are $1.65 each

Bows tied on cake pop sticks are additional 25 cents each, Individually bagged cake pops are an additional 25 cents each

FLAVORS AVAILABLE: vanilla - chocolate - chocolate raspberry - salted caramel - red velvet - lemon - butter yellow - caramel - strawberry - spice - smores

sugar cookies

-Orders of 12 or more per cookie shape. Prices range on complexity of design and number of color applications.

Starting price is $3.95 per cookie. Individually bagged cookies run 25 cents more.

Our sugar cookies are soft and buttery and decorated with royal icing.


-Orders of 12 or more. Base price includes any one flavor cake inside, any color icing glaze, with glitter, sprinkles, or stripes.

Custom designs/additional decorations are individually priced.- bows, flowers, sugar layons are all additional.

Petit fours start at $1.95 each. Cake flavors available: vanilla, chocolate, yellow, red velvet, lemon, strawberry, caramel, red velvet or spice.

Glaze flavors are chocolate (dark brown) or vanilla (tinted any color you prefer)


12” round cookie cake (serves 12) $19.95. -Nut free version $23.95- 1/2 sheet cookie cake (serves 24) $39.95. (prices include border and writing)

Flavor options: chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, sugar cookie, or brownie cake

Additional charge for custom design. Call for quote.


Pumpkin Spice $14.00 Pecan $15.00 Apple Crumb $18.00 Cherry Crumb $20.00 Coconut Cream $20.00 Banana Cream $20.00

Key Lime $17.00 Lemon Meringue $18.00 Chocolate Silk $15.00 Caramel Apple Pecan $22.00 Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip with Ganache $28.00

Mini pies (4” single serving size) are also available in above flavors for custom orders, minimum order- 5 pies per flavor.



  • bon bons ($1.55 each) flavors available: chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel, red velvet, and chocolate raspberry, oreo, thin mint, strawberry, or spice cake. (Smore's bon bons, double dipped, with marshmallow creme $1.95 each)

  • cake pops (cute bon bons with sticks in them) $1.65 (same flavors as above)

  • dessert shots ($2.50 each) 2 oz. shot glasses layered with cake, mousse, icing, jams, crunchy fillings, etc. Some popular flavors are chocolate mousse, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate caramel turtle, pina colada, caramel apple pie, smore's, lemon chiffon

  • mini bite size cupcakes ($1.35 each) any flavor listed on our website (11 to choose from) except marble or carrot

  • chocolate covered strawberries ($1.75 each) dipped in white or dark chocolate, striped in a variety of colors

  • chocolate covered pretzel rods ($1.25 each) sprinkled or striped in any color

  • petit fours ($1.95 each) soft puffs of any flavor cake, with petit four glaze in any color, decorated on top.

  • rice krispy treats ($2.25 each) rounds, square or diamonds, half dipped in chocolate, decorated to match any theme.

  • sugar cookies ($3.75-6.75) each, shape, style, decor, logo, monogram, etc... all customized for any occasion.

  • cheesecake cubes on a stick ($2.50 each) cheesecake squares with oreo crust, dipped in chocolate and decorated.

  • brownie bites ($1.75 each) small squares, dolloped with fudge and sprinkled with glitter.

  • 4" pies ($3.95 each) Made from scratch, fruit pies, cream pies, chocolate, or keylime.

  • chocolate mousse cups ($2.25 each) 2 oz shot glasses of rich chocolate mousse, topped with a swirl of buttercream icing.

  • gooey butter cupcakes ($2.50 each) Rich, sweet buttery goodness, with a cakey crust, baked in cupcake liners

  • meringue roses ($2.00 each) any light pastel color available

  • 4” cookies ($1.50 each) chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, red velvet gooey butter, double chocolate m&m, snickerdoodle, lemon, white chocolate macadamia or gooey butter

    (There is a minimum order of a dozen per flavor/per item.)